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Council Meetings Jul 23 & Aug 27 – 7 pm.
Planning & Zoning Meetings  Jul 19 & Aug 16 - 6:30 pm.
Council Work Sessions  Jul 9 & Aug 13 - 6:30 pm.
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Town Office will be CLOSED:
- July 4th (Independence Day)

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    There is a lot going on in Union Bridge this summer.  I want to give the residents a little information about the cost of running the town’s Water and Sewer Treatment Plants.  The Water Treatment Plant electric cost is $20,676.78 from July 2011 thru May 2012, and this is not even a full year’s expense.  The chemicals that are used to treat your drinking water are mandated by the State and so far that cost is $12,397.10.  Then we have lab tests that need to be done at a cost of $4,000.00 a year.  These are only a few of the costs that are in the budget for our Water and Sewer Treatment Plants.

     I want to address some of the concerns I have received about the truck traffic on Main Street.  Residents, please be aware that Lehigh does not own any tractor trailers.  All tractor trailers are owned by separate companies.  Due to the fact that Main Street is a state highway, Union Bridge cannot govern what moves up and down this roadway.  The town does not own Main Street, the State of Maryland does.  The letters received on this have been forwarded to the Sheriff’s Department.  I would like to specifically address two of the concerns I received.  The first one is about Lehigh owning the town.  Lehigh does not own The Town of Union Bridge, but they have been and continue to be a wonderful partner to this town.  This company has donated many things to this town.  The second concern brought to my attention is about a truck hitting a car near 32 S. Main Street.  The car was sitting in a no parking zone, with no lights on.  This happens a lot on Main Street and, not only is it dangerous to the person parked there, it is dangerous to the drivers on the roadway.  We are aware of the problem and it has been brought to the attention of the Sheriff’s Department.  Please contact Council Member Ellen Cutsail if you have any concerns.  Ms. Cutsail is in Charge of police, and she will make sure the Sheriff’s Department is informed of any issues around town.  You can also call the Sheriff’s Department yourself.

     Work on the walking trail and W. Broadway will soon begin.  We ask that the citizens be patient during the construction period of both of these projects.

      The Union Bridge Fire Company will be having a big event this fall to celebrate its 125th anniversary.   Please make a mental note about this and be sure to come out and participate in the event. 

     The Town Council would like to see each and every one of its residents at the council meetings, which are held every 4th Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the Town Hall. 

     Everyone have a wonderful and relaxing summer!

Perry L. Jones, Jr., Mayor

     The recent attempt to put our municipal water and sewer user rates to a referendum vote has raised concerns on the part of the Mayor and Town Council.  While the matter was not legally eligible for referendum, it is not lost on us that so many citizens signed the Petition which could have jeopardized the Town’s ability to meet regulations and provide the public water and sewer services expected by our citizens.  In December, we introduced the first proposal for rate increases which met with opposition from the public.  We withdrew these resolutions, re-evaluated our operational and capital needs, scaled back certain projects and proposed the final rate resolutions reflecting somewhat lower increases.

These Resolutions were introduced on February 27, 2012.  They went to public hearing on March 26, 2012.  No comments were offered at this hearing.  The Resolutions were pending until April 23, 2012 at which time they were adopted.  No public comment was submitted while these Resolutions were pending.
While a number of the signatures on the Petition for Referendum may have been legally insufficient, the Petition still probably represented between 10% - 15% of the users.  We want to be certain that these individuals fully understand our obligations.

The water and sewer rates are tied to operating and maintenance costs.  Chapter 150, Section III (A)(6) and Chapter 210, Section III (A)(5) of the Union Bridge Code mandate that, “The Town shall review the (water) (sewer) charges annually and revise them periodically, if necessary, to meet operating and maintenance expenses.”  Also, under various financing arrangements, revenues are required to meet these costs on an annual basis.  The rate schedules are designed to fairly allocate fees among all users.  When the rates get out of proportion with costs, they must be adjusted.  Otherwise, the quality and reliability of the system can be compromised.  It is true that sometimes projects and upkeep can be deferred, but in the long run there is no alternative other than to adjust user rates.  These figures are public information.  If a member of the public believes that the numbers are flawed, there is ample opportunity to present and deliberate this during the budget process and at the public hearings.  We are comfortable that the rates have been set in a responsible manner and reflect the actual and projected needs to run our municipal water and sewer systems in accordance with applicable health, safety and environmental laws.  This has historically led to rate increases every few years.  We invite all members of the public to participate in this process.  The process is open so that you, as citizens, will have confidence in our actions which are always designed to be in the best interests of the Town.  We certainly need and appreciate your support to effectively deliver your utility services going forward.  Thank you for your attention and understanding.

Mayor and Town Council

In July and August the Box Lunch Talks presented by the Historical Society of Carroll County will feature topics of interest to citizens of the Union Bridge Area. On Tuesday, July 10th the topic is the history of Pipe Creek Friends Meeting and its influence on The Town of Union Bridge. The title of the program on August 14th is “The Legacy of William Henry Rinehart”. Rinehart was a native of the Union Bridge area who became an important 19th century sculptor. The Town of Union Bridge selected his work entitled “Love Reconciled with Death” for reproduction and installation at Main Street and Broadway.

The Box Lunch Talks are held at Carroll Post, American Legion, located at the corner of Green and Sycamore Streets in Westminster. They begin at noon and last for about an hour. You can order lunch from the American Legion by calling 410-857-7953 between 11:00 and 11:30, or you may bring a lunch with you. Beverages and dessert are provided. Admission is $1.00 for Historical Society of Carroll County members and $5:00 for non-members. For additional information please contact the Historical Society at 410-848-6494.

CDBG West Broadway Reconstruction -
The Mayor and Council of Union Bridge are pleased to announce that The Town of Union Bridge was awarded a $230,000 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG).  This project will be a street improvement project including new water lines, sewer lines, storm drains, sidewalks and curbing, and street resurfacing for West Broadway extending from Whyte Street to Warehime Alley, similar to the successful projects that the town completed for Benedum and Farquhar Streets. .  Contractor bids are due June 25th.

SHA Wetlands Park Trail Extension -
The town was also awarded a $30,000 grant from the State Highway Administration and a $36,000 grant from Maryland’s Program Open Space to extend the Wetlands Park trail approximately 1,500 linear feet. The trail is located at the Little Pipe Creek Wetlands Park, adjacent to Route 75. The Mayor and Town Council hired C.J. Miller, the low bidder, to construct the trail.  Construction is planned to start in the beginning of July.   

For questions on these or any other projects, please call the Town Office at 410-775-2711.

Jared Schumacher, Town Consultant

West Carroll serves Union Bridge, New Windsor and the surrounding areas. Anyone interested in Rec Council programs or events is welcome to attend our meetings, which are held the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Old New Windsor School/County Government Offices/Library Administration Offices in New Windsor. Next meeting date is August 13th.

Fall Sports Contacts:
Field Hockey: Laura Maring
Football: Greg Gladden
Cheer: Kim Smith  410-775-1506
Soccer: Gina McDermott 443-360-8223

For general information about West Carroll programs, contact Community Coordinator, Penny Rockwood at 410-775-1506. 

See our website:  Like us on FaceBook:

Another source to check for upcoming sports registrations is “RecZone”’ found in the back of the Sports section of the Carroll County Times on Sundays.

Penny Rockwood, Community Coordinator

FEMA has a website that may be helpful to residents who would like more information about the floodplain maps and Hazard Mitigation. The most recent revised floodplain maps will be available at the Town Hall for review.

Remember that each council person has a duty.  If there is a problem contact that specific council person first.
Donald Wilson – Streets
Amy Kalin – Water & Sewer
Ellen Cutsail – Refuse & Police
Edgar Wentz – Community Center
Laura Conaway – Lights


Pit Beef and Pit Turkey Sandwich Sale
8 W. Locust St., Union Bridge, MD
July 1, 2012
Starting at 11:30
Pit Beef and Pit Turkey Sandwiches $6.00 each
French Fries $3.50

First Annual Yard Sale
Sponsored by the Union Bridge Junior Fire Co.
July 14, 2012 (Rain date July 21, 2012)
8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Rent a 10x10 square space for only $10.00.
Tables will be available for an additional $5.00
Hotdogs, and Drinks available for sale
Reserve a spot contact Heidi 443-340-2651

Monthly Bingo
Sponsored by the Ladies Auxiliary
Second Monday of every month
July 9, 2012
August 13, 2012
Doors open at 5:30 PM, Games begin at 7:00 PM
Any questions call: 410-775-7891

RESIDENTS: If your sewer line becomes blocked please contact the Town Hall at 410-775-2711 before calling a plumber.

With spring coming, you may be considering some sort of construction project.  Some projects that may need a town permit and/or a county permit or both are decks, garages, storage buildings and sheds, fences, pools, animal shelters, signs, and driveway entrances etc.
Please contact the town’s zoning administrator, Mr. Black for information before you begin your project, at 410-775-2718.

Yard waste pickup has started and will run through the beginning of October.  Bags for yard waste may be purchased at the town hall for $1.00.  This charge helps to defray the cost of the pickup.  Yard waste will be picked up on Wednesdays.

The Town of Union Bridge Code, Chapter 130, 4; C2: Owners and occupants of occupied premises and owners and persons in charge of unoccupied premises, including vacant lots, are hereby charged with
the duty of maintaining an grass on such premises at a  height of not more than six (6) inches, and the further duty of maintaining such premises free of noxious weeds and dense underbrush.

MD State Police Drug TIPS HOTLINE 410-875-0936
They CAN’T do it without your help!!!

The newsletter is posted six times per year: January, March, May, July, September, and November and may be viewed on the town’s Web site at Also, upon request, paper copies may be picked up at the Town Hall (410-775-2711)  or at any local business.