November/December 2005

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Council Meetings November 28& December 19 – 7 pm.
Funding Committee Meetings November 2 & December 7  – 7pm.
Planning & Zoning Meetings  November 17 & December 15 - 6:30 pm.
Council Work Sessions  November 14 & December 12 - 6:30 pm.

Office Closed November 24 & December 26, 2005


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The good news is that the parking lot is nearly finished now and will make a great improvement to the Main Street image.  The awning, statues, and new sign on the side of the Original Pizza building is further proof that the upgrades to Main Street were worth the time and effort by everyone.  Thanks to Angelo for all he has done.  It looks very nice.
The bad news is that we are losing the hardware store, as we know it.  Even if it is purchased and reopened I doubt it will ever be the same.  Tom and Irene Winebrener were the standard for good people and their influence and participation in the community will be sorely missed.  Tom encouraged me to run for office and was always there to help when needed, and Irene is one of the sweetest ladies you could ever hope to meet.  Thanks to both of them for the contributions they have made to the Town.

We are also losing Jim Schumacher to Taneytown.  He has accepted the position as Town Manager for them and I wish him the best in this new challenge.  He has done a fantastic job for us over the years and will be hard to replace.  However, replace him we must, so if you or someone you know has experience in grant writing and planning and zoning issues then we need to talk.  Just call the office and let Vi know.  Thanks.

Hello, citizens of The Town of Union Bridge!  For those of you planning on vacationing over the fall and winter holidays please reduce your chances of becoming a victim of burglary by taking the following steps.
1.      Contact the Sheriff's department or myself and advise of your departure and return dates, as well as vehicles, which may be on your property.  This will make us aware and extra patrol checks can be conducted on your property.
2.      Leave contact information with a friend or neighbor, who will also check on your house and can contact you if a problem arises.
3.      Use timers on interior lights, to make your house appear as if it is occupied.
4.      Have your mail and paper delivery placed on hold, or have a trusted person retrieve your mail and paper.
5.      And remember to secure all doors and windows.If you take these steps you may reduce the chances of returning home to a burglarized house.

DFC Chris Orwig, Community Deputy
Sheriff’s Office 410-386-2900
Tips 1-888-399-TIPS
Emergency 911
Non-emergency 410-386-2900


Are you the kind of person that enjoys supporting a good cause?  Do you love good, hearty breakfasts?  If so, come to the Union Bridge Community Center for breakfast on Sunday, November 20 between 7 and 12 am.  Luscious bacon, melt-in-your-mouth potatoes, and our "world famous" chipped beef gravy and biscuits are just some of your choices for the most important meal of the day.  For just $6 for adults, $3 for children 6-12, and carryouts at $6.50, you can treat yourself to as many helpings of these wondrous delights as your body can hold.  If, for some reason, this great offer doesn't strike your fancy, come for and entirely different reason.  All proceeds from the breakfasts go towards paying for the mortgage principal on the town hall.  The hungrier you are, and the more friends you tell, the sooner the Union Bridge Town Hall will officially belong to us.

Town Square Parking Lot
      At this time, the parking lot is under construction by Stambaugh's with curb and gutter, grading, stormwater management, and stone sub-base installed.  The project is roughly 50% complete.  A change order has been signed to complete the stamped concrete sidewalk, the foundation for the statue, and the lighting for the statue in the park area between the parking lot and Main Street.

      The project including the park is expected to be complete by the end of October.  Placement of the statue and landscaping will be installed after Stambaugh's work is complete.

Tennis Court Upgrades
      The tennis court upgrades, which include pavement overlay, new fencing and gates, new tennis nets, and posts, and new pavement markings has been awarded to Melvin Benhoff Sons, Inc.  The contractor has been issued a notice to proceed and work should be completed by the end of 2005.

After-hours water/sewer emergency problems page Amy at 1-410-899-1200.

The West Carroll Recreation Council serves Union Bridge, New Windsor, and surrounding areas.  Anyone interested in Rec. Council programs or events is welcome to attend our meetings, which are held on the third Monday of each month at the Union Bridge Town Hall at 7:00 p.m. The next meeting date is Nov. 21.

From Chaz Shrodes, Football Coordinator:

The inaugural season of the West Carroll Veterans Football program is now coming to a close.  Our first year was a challenge, but due to the support and interest the program has far surpassed its initial objectives.  We fielded over eighty young athletes.  Thanks to the generosity of the Union Bridge VFW, our growing list of sponsors, and the plentiful assistance from community volunteers, we've been blessed with the ability to do the improbable; we went from scratch to equipping and fielding every one of those children.  From the beginning we had hoped that the members of our community would adopt the club and make it their own.  It has always been our intention to build a football "club", and not a football "service"  I am excited to see that the parents of our athletes have done exactly this.  Everyone pitches in to always improve the club and make it a better organization for all our kids.  West Carroll Football is truly a community program.  I pray that this program will fill the void that has existed in our community for some time; the need for a kid friendly program that allows every player, regardless of skill level, to enjoy the world' s greatest sport.

The West Carroll Rec. is currently seeking a Union Bridge Town Representative to attend monthly town meetings and serve on the Rec. council board.  Call Brad Rockwood, 410-857-4648, if interested.

For general information contact Penny Rockwood, Community Coordinator, at 410-857-3549.

Starting in October 2005 the new main phone numbers will be: Bureau of Aging 410-386-3800 and the Westminster Senior Activities Center 410-386-3850.

Lehigh Cement is trying to help The Town of Union Bridge to preserve its revitalized Main Street by requesting that trucks entering and leaving the plant use Shepherd's Mill Road.  If residents see cement trucks traveling on Main Street they can call Lehigh's Customer Service Manager, Kellee Bosley, at 410-386-6336.

The Carroll County Health Department issues open burning permits based on the Code of Maryland Regulation, which is set up to improve the air quality of our State.

To meet the distance requirement, you must be 1,500 feet from any neighboring, occupied dwelling or numbered roadway.  This requirement prevents burning in most residential areas in Carroll County.

You may not burn trash, tires, tree stumps, plastic or other material that will create dense or hazardous smoke.

You may burn brush or cuttings that originate on the property where they are to be burned. 

The State of Maryland regulation imposes a ban on open burning from June 1 until August 31 yearly in Carroll and several other Counties. 

If you intend to burn or need questions answered, call the Carroll County Health Department at 410-876-1884.

The Maryland Department of Community Development has recently announced the allocation of $3.275 million for housing rehabilitation loans.  Carroll  County has received a $36,387 allocation for the rehabilitation of single family homes and residential properties of one to four units.  For more information contact: Rita Zimmerman, Deputy Director, Department of Citizen Services, 410-386-3600.

The Carroll County sheriff's office is enforcing the county's noise ordinance. 

Sound meters are available to the public to check on a suspected violation through the sheriff's office by calling 410-386-2900.

For questions, comments or information call 866-633-4686.

The town will again offer leaf pick-up. Please call the town hall at 410-775-2711 to schedule a pick up.

Have trash out for pick-up before 5:30 a.m. on Thursdays.  Hughes Trash  Removal 410-848-4747.