September/October 2004


From the Mayor's Desk
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Funding Committee
West Carroll Rec Council
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Council Meetings Sept 27 & Oct 25 – 7 pm.
Funding Committee Meetings Sept 8   – 7pm.
Planning & Zoning Meetings  Sept 16 & Oct 21 - 6:30 pm.
Council Work Sessions  Sept 13 & Oct 11 - 6:30 pm.

OFFICE CLOSED September 6, 2004 Labor Day


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      I wish to begin by thanking the Union Bridge Fire Department for all their help following the severe weather we had a few weeks back.  Their assistance to the residents during this event was greatly appreciated.  We are fortunate to have them in our town.

      Next I would like to welcome Ellen Cutsail to the Town Council.  She was selected to fill the seat left vacant by the resignation of Dawn Metcalf.  Thanks also to the other applicants for their interest, and I hope they will run for office in the spring when three council seats will be up for re-election.

      Finally I need to say something about the issuance of code violation letters.  More than thirty had to be sent this time and it really is costly to the Town.  We have laws on the books regarding junk vehicles and weeds among others, which we are charged to enforce.  Some people do not mind the weeds in their neighbor’s backyard or the car that hasn’t moved for six months, but some do.  So therefore we have the duty to enforce these laws as they are written.  This is not always popular, but most believe it to be necessary in keeping the Town clean.  Thus unless the laws are changed, we will continue to monitor the Town for violations.  If you receive a letter and feel it was not justified, please don’t get angry, but do come and talk to us.  After all we are just trying to do the job we were elected to do.  Thank you.

Bret Grossnickle


            School is back in so remind your children to be careful at the bus stops.  No children under the age of 8 years old may be left unattended.  Children 8 years old may be left alone but may not be responsible to watch other children under 8 years old.  The Law requires children to be 13 years old to be able to watch over children under 8 years old.

      I have received several complaints in the Union Bridge area during the last school year about students from FSK High School speeding and driving aggressively.  The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office speed enforcement team was notified and will be in the area before and after school to work these complaint areas.  I also have a radar unit in my patrol car and will be enforcing the speed limit.  Please drive safely and be aware of other drivers who might not be as safe as you.

      PARKING: When parking on any public street, the right wheels of the vehicle must be facing the curb or far right side of the roadway.

      I have been responding to calls for service after curfew hours for several juvenile complaints.  The hours of curfew are 0600 AM to 1000 PM from Sunday to Thursday.  Friday and Saturday nights are 1200 MIDNIGHT.  A violation could result in an arrest, notification to juvenile justice, reprimand and release to a parent or guardian.

      The weather will be getting colder soon so remember to provide adequate shelter for your pets because they don’t like to be cold and wet and they rely on you to care for them.

Corporal R. C. Cromwell/Union Bridge Community Deputy
Carroll County Sheriff’s Office
Non-emergency 410-386-2900
Tips hotline 1-888-399-TIPS


The Funding Committee’s next breakfast is: Sept 19, 2004


  Water Treatment Plant (WTP) and Filtration System

Project construction is 100 % complete.

After years of planning, design, testing, and construction, the town’s new water treatment plant and filtration system on west Locust Street is complete. Conewago Enterprises from Hanover, PA (general contractor), completed the $1.26 M facility in early August.

In addition to our primary well on West Locust Street, the town’s new back-up well will be pumped to the new facility. The WTP has a design capacity of 300 gpm. Well water is treated for nitrates and passes through a series of filters designed by Kinetico, Inc.

The Maryland Department of the Environment has notified Union Bridge that the town is no longer in violation of MDE and EPA water standards (Surface Water Rule), due to the installation of the new filtration system.

Main Street (Rt. 75) Revitalization Program

Project construction is approximately 65% complete.

The following components have been substantially completed:

1. Storm drainage system: pipes, inlets, and outfalls.

2. Eight-inch waterline and service connections.

3. Undergrounding of overhead wires at the town square (Main and Broadway).

4. New parking area on North Main Street for the Little Pipe Creek Park and trail entrance.

Ross Construction, general contractor, is expected to finish work by October 1, 2004. Additional construction work includes the following:

1. New pressed concrete sidewalks and crosswalks.

2. Concrete aprons and driveway entrances.

3. Decorative street poles and lamps.

4. New signalization at the town square including crosswalk pedestrian signals.

5.Resurfacing on Main Street.

6. Reduction of street clutter by improving signs and installing dual-headed parking meters.

7. Rehabilitation of town side streets including Broadway and Elger.

The Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) is primarily funding the $2.5 M improvement project for Main Street, from the bridge over Little Pipe Creek to the town limits near the Brethren Church. SHA-funded work includes storm drainage, inlets, sidewalks, curb, gutter, pedestrian lighting, traffic control and signalization at Main and Broadway, resurfacing Main Street, signage, landscaping, and other improvements.

The project will be coordinated with the town’s CDBG program, a $220,000 grant from the Maryland Dept. of Housing and Community Development. The town’s grant will cover other improvements not funded by SHA, including upgrades to town side-streets, new parking meters, burying overhead utility lines at Main and Broadway, (electric and cable wires), and a parking area at the entrance into the Little Pipe Creek Park and trail (next to the car wash).

In addition, the town funded the installation of the 8” water line with the continuation of the town’s comprehensive water improvements program partially funded through the Rural Utilities Program, USDA.

If you have any special concerns or questions in this regard, call the State Highway Administration site trailer at 410-775-7946. 

Shriner Court Elderly Housing Project

Project construction is about 50% complete.

The town is working in cooperation with the Episcopal Housing Authority and the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development to construct 20 units for lower income elderly persons. The units are being built on Ladiesburg Road near the Union Bridge Community Center.

If you are interested in renting one of these units, please call Dan McCarthy at 410-366-6200 for information. 

The company that will manage the Shriner Court Elderly Housing Project is seeking applications from individuals to fill two part-time positions, including a part-time on-site manager, and a part-time maintenance worker. To request a job description and application, please contact Dan McCarthy at 410-366-6200. These are not town government positions. 

New Elevated Water Storage Tank on East Locust Street

Project construction is 100% compete.

New water lines in Locust Street, East Elger Street, Lehigh Drive & White Street, and installation of town-wide automated meter reader system

Project construction is 100% complete.

Union Bridge Community Park Project Construction is 50% Complete

The town is continuing with more improvements to the town park on Ladiesburg Road. Stambaugh’s Inc. has been contracted to install a new parking area on Ladiesburg Road, near the playground and picnic pavilion.

Fair Housing

As part of the town’s receipt of grant funds from the Maryland Small Cites Community Development Block Grant Program, we promote fair housing practices in the Town of Union Bridge. The Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination in housing because of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, or disability. For more information about fair housing and the Fair Housing Act, visit, or contact HUD’s Mid-Atlantic office at: Fair Housing Hub, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Wanamaker Building, 100 Penn Square East, Philadelphia, PA 19107-9344, or call 1-888-799-2085.

Section 3 Employment and Business Opportunities

The Town of Union Bridge has received program funding from the Maryland CDBG program through the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development. The Mayor and Town Council of the Town of Union Bridge will comply with Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968, as amended, requiring that to the greatest extent feasible opportunities for employment and development will be given to lower-income residents of the project area and contracts in connection with the project be awarded to eligible businesses concerns which are located in, or owned by, persons residing within the Town of Union Bridge.

If any town resident or business is looking for employment or business opportunities, please submit a written resume or business brochure to the town office. If applicable, the town will forward your information to contractors. It is up to the contractor to contact you if they have an opening.


      The West Carroll Rec. Council serves Union Bridge, New Windsor, and surrounding areas. 

      Fall Soccer has begun – Good Luck to all teams this season!

      West Carroll is sponsoring Adult, Competitive, Pick-up Volleyball at Elmer Wolfe Elementary School on Thursdays, from 6:45 p. m. September 9th through May 1st.  Call Steve Keeney at 410-775-7780 for more details. 

        The next meeting dates are Sept. 20th and Oct. 18th. 16 at 7 p.m.  at the Union Bridge Town Hall.  The public is invited and encouraged to attend. For more information please call Community Coordinator, Penny Rockwood at 410-857-3549.



Glass contaminants:

Caps, bottle tops, window glass, drinking glasses, dishes, ceramics, light bulbs, mirrors

Plastic contaminants:

Wide-neck plastic containers, plastic toys, plastic food containers (ie. cottage cheese, margarine), plastic film, wrap, bags, styrofoam containers, plastic plates, knives, forks, spoons

Aluminum & Tin contaminants:

Scrap metal (ie. engine or car parts), bicycles, chairs, pots, pans, fencing, siding, screening, hangers or wire

Paper contaminants:

Wax coated cardboard, grease or oil soaked paper, carbon paper, blueprints, hardback books, pizza boxes and papers packaged in plastic bags

*Please note that ALL paper should be bundled and tied with a non-metallic string or placed in paper bags.  Cardboard must be flattened, and tied in 2’X2’ bundles.

 If you have any questions about recycling please call the Carroll County Recycling Center 410-386-2633.




Union Bridge Hardware is located at 11 North Main Street In Union Bridge. Union Bridge Hardware has been in business for 52 years.  The store was built for a Hardware Store in 1900.  Irene and Thomas Winebrener are the third owners.  The store has never been vacant in 100 years.  When the Winebreners purchased the store they took inventory over Labor Day weekend and were open for business on Tuesday.  Remember they are still there and to drop in soon for your electric and plumbing supplies, gift ware and much more.  For more information and store hours please call 410-775-2656.